Yoga With Curiosity

April brought some really awesome yoga adventures. Starting it all off with a repeat visit to Beer Yoga at Hidden Springs Ale Works with Yoga Teacher Bridgett O'Meara in Tampa Florida. This time I took along a friend, Linda to join me and we had a blast! Bridgett plays really cool soulful music to compliment each yoga flow. The space was awesome, I mean it's a brewery what more could you ask for. Maybe free beer? Ask and you shall receive! Each class ends with your choice of a variety of locally brewed beers and some time to get to know your fellow yogis and check out the local art displayed on the walls. Tampa has some very talented artists.  If you haven't tried Beer Yoga check out Hidden Springs Ale Works and get your yoga on. Oh, I almost forgot...we also stopped off for some delicious food at La Lechonera for some Spanish food. Such a wonderful place to eat. 

Next up I was off to Florida Power Yoga in Land o’ Lakes Florida! That’s right, two yoga visits in one day, what was I thinking and on a full belly! I guess that's called extreme yoga...LOL. I dropped my friend off as I made my way to the studio. I've been trying to get to this studio for a few months. As you walk into Florida Power Yoga you’re greeted with some natural yet bright colors. On the day that I visited, the studio hosted an Intro to Florida Power Yoga lead by studio owner Denice McClure. This Intro session allows students to discover power yoga the FYP way in a slow manner in a heated and humidity controlled environment. Now when I say “controlled environment” I don't mean space heaters positioned in each corner of the room. No, I mean this studio has a state of the art heating system designed to offer students the best possible power yoga experience.

This studio is decorated with super cool art hanging on the walls, bright colors, floor to ceiling windows and a super cool…I mean super cool restroom. Denice walked the class through how to properly flow through power yoga and explained the difference between power yoga and the tradition hatha yoga. No Sanskrit language or chants in this studio. It’s all about the power. You have to visit Florida Power Yoga to see what I’m talking about. Also, the studio offers free towels for you to wipe away all the sweat that you’ll generate during this class. I had an awesome time visiting this studio and look forward to going back.  

My final stop was Wanderlust 108 in Charlotte North Carolina! This trip was extra special as it was part of a my Birthday celebration with my beautiful cousin Jacqueline J Townsend. She’s in the photos at the top of this post. So this event was super super fun. We arrive to the event in time to find parking which was super easy and pretty cheap at $5 at a lot that was 1 block from the event. As we walked into Romare Bearden Park you could feel the positive energy enter your soul. With bang’n music and yogis all around us, Jackie and I were super excited to be able to experience this event together. Oh, I forgot to mention the weather… was COLD!!!! When we woke up on the day of the event is was 33 degrees. This Tampa girl was not ready. 

The Wanderlust 108 event was like a mini triathlon. This included a 5k run/walk, yoga & mediation. There were also some really cool break out sessions like, AiReal yoga, acroyoga, hooping, slacklining and tribal marking. Not to mention the other local food vendors and shops, this place was super energized with all the yoga love. Speaking of yoga love.

MCYogi was the highlight of the event for me. With his inspiring words and super high energy he kicked off the event and didn't shy away from taken photos with anyone. I took a photo with him as we took off for the 5k and when we crossed the finish line he was right there to welcome everyone back. As I crossed the finish he said to me “great job and you have beautiful freckles”. Uh yeah, I blushed. Such a super cool soul and I was truly inspired by his Only Love Is Real Movement. So much so that I bought the entire album! 

As we left the event with smiles on our faces Jackie and I notice a restaurant that said “Worlds Best Hot Dog” since 1926. So of course we had to go in. This little place was super cute. As we walked in we were greeted with stares and it was very quiet. I felt like I was walking into a library. We ordered two dogs (1 for each of us)  made house style with two cups of water and ate them quietly. Well we did whisper words to each other. These hot dogs were insane! Super delicious with a nice sweet flavor that I’ve never tasted. As we left the restaurant we were still confused by the silence in the room. We soon realized it was the tribal paint we still had on our faces….LMBO.

Best Time Ever!