Yoga With Curiosity II

Photo Credit: Wanderlust 108

Photo Credit: Wanderlust 108

That right I'm back at Wanderlust 108! It's only seems like yesterday when my cousins Jackie and I went out on an adventure, a yoga adventure in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although she couldn't join me this time the adventure continued on in Tampa, Florida, the Sunshine State! 

Unlike in Charlotte where the weather was a bit cold, this go around the weather was hot and I mean HOT! This time I didn't need to layer up in long thick clothing. No gloves or thick hat like we did in Charlotte. Oh no. This time I packed a towel, a ball cap (to block he sun), water and a second set of clothes as I knew the the Tampa heat was going to bring on the sweat. I also had the pleasure of representing an amazing local yoga studio, Pose By Pose. This yoga studio located in Lutz Florida offers yoga workshops, yoga teacher training and various yoga classes. Head on over to Pose by Pose Yoga Studio and learn more. 

During the event I had a wonderful time chatting with local business owners and fellow yogis, enjoyed an amazing massage from The Epic Bodywork Team and also won a free thermal flask to keep my water nice and cold. This thing really works! I also enjoyed getting my yoga and meditation on along side my fellow yogis. 

Let me not forget the most AMAZING moments of my adventure at Wanderlust 108. The moment I met up with MC YOGI for the second time this year and also his wife, Amanda Giacomini. This was my first time meeting this amazing yogi.  Amanda is such a beautiful soul. She greeted me with such a powerful force of positive vibes I was just speechless. Her 10,000 Buddhas project is something I've been following and hope to visit one of her beautiful murals in person soon. These two are a powerhouse of love & peace.

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My Curious Yogi adventures continues....