Yoga in St. Petersburg Florida

Wow! March was an adventurous month for my yoga travels. March 5th I headed to St. Petersburg Florida where I enjoyed the beautiful sun, calm winds inspiring view of the Tampa Bay with little sailboats and big yachts floating next to each other. This was the back drop of the 4th Annual Spring Festival of Awakening Into The Sun. I was super excited to attend this even as I had a chance to meet an amazing soul and yoga teacher Keith Mitchell. Keith lead us through a beautiful yoga session surrounded by trees above and dark green grass underneath us. I was super excited that he took a moment say hello and snap this awesome photo!

I spent some time walking around the event checking out some of the local vendors from the area. Beautiful clothing, jewelry and food was in abundance. The Thai food was out of this world and the little Hawaiian stand serving fresh smoothie was simply refreshing. The best part about exploring yoga in your local area is that you don't have to travel to far and it leads to a beautiful day trip of bliss, gratitude and fun! During this event I met three beautiful ladies and I wish I would have grab their contact info as they were the sweetest ever and I would love to keep in touch with them. 

On March 12th I also attended a donation based yoga event sponsored by Purple dot Yoga Project. I’ve supported this Non-Profit Yoga based organization many times and have become friends with the founder Kate Berlin Sontohartono who is super super amazing! This event was also held in St. Petersburg Florida and really cute neighborhood store called Old Southeast Market. I think this little market is the gem of the area with Chef Vivia throwing down some bang’n breakfast and lunch food for the soul. The yoga class was super fun with live music and two lovely yoga teachers guiding us through each asana. I was so happy to be able to enjoy this event with my best friend as we both took part in a Sacred Tea Ceremony that was also offered at the event and lead by the beautiful Ashley Smith. This was truly a treat. 

Look around you yogis and discover yoga in your area.