Yoga in Port Richey Florida

And my yoga adventure continues...

This month I was invited to a yoga class in Port Richey, Florida. My beautiful friend and 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher Danielle Lee asked me to be a guest student in her Saturday morning yoga class. Of course I super excited and said yes! Danielle teaches not one but two yoga class at Infinity Fitness and Beyond every Saturday. Her first class is Aqua Yoga. Yes! You read that right…AQUA YOGA. I recent wrote an article about Aqua Yoga and you can read that here.

I wasn't able to take the aqua class this time but I will defiantly come back for a 2nd visit and experience that beautiful flow. As I approached the front desk I was greeted very nicely by a wonderful lady who had someone whisk me away to meet Danielle. Sounds like a story book but it’s true…I was whisked away. We walked towards the back of the gym towards the pool area where Danielle had just finished her first class. Remember earlier I mentioned that Danielle teaches two classes on Saturday….just making sure you remember. We greeted each other as Yoga Teachers always do…with a smile, a hug and laughter. Not sure why we were laughing but hey, there is thing called "Laughter Yoga". More to come on that later.

In order to get to the yoga studio we had to walked through the center of the gym. Loud gym music was playing and everyone getting sweating from their workout. We walked down the aisle that took us to this beautiful space and I mean beautiful. As soon as I walked in the energy seemed different. I felt calm but excited, energized yet peaceful. As I found a space for my mat I noticed the floor was that of dark wood and not the lighter color you normal see in a gym. I was caught off guard a bit. The walls were accented with floor to ceiling mirrors. Hey....I can see myself!!! 


Class began with the sound of some soulful music then Danielle turned of the studio lights. The room was now softly lit by the luminaries that were spread around the front of the room. At this moment I was like ohhhh here we go! As I flowed through each yoga posture I could hear the sounds of floor beneath me. That crack of the wood reminding me become grounded and to breath. As I settled into plank pose the sound of the floor beneath me reminded me that I’m strong and to keep breathing. By the end of class I felt restored, energized and balanced and grateful.  

I’ve taken my share of yoga class in a gym setting and I must say, this experience was very different. Danielle really takes her students on a beautiful yoga journey. Slowly guiding the class through with her soft but descriptive voice. At times she would also teach the class a little Sanskrit which is very important in a yoga practice.

I’m truly looking forward to coming back to Infinity Fitness and Beyond to experience the Aqua Yoga class. If you're in the Port Richey area you gotta pay a visit to Danielle Lee and catch one or both of her yoga class. Just tell her I sent ya ;-) 

Thank you Danielle for gifting me such a wonderful experience. 

See you folks in 2017 for all new yoga adventures.