“Love from world above” “Energy responsible for life”. This is the meaning behind the name of this beautiful yoga studio founded by Yoga Teacher Lorena Saavedra Smith ERYT. Located on Cross Creek Boulevard in Tampa Florida, this studio is a place of positive energy, peace and relaxation. When I contacted Lorena about visiting the studio her response was “It will be an honor to have you as a guest student”. After emailing each other a few times we settled on a day that I would visit and join one of the yoga classes she leads. I arrived a little early and as I walked into this studio I could feel the positive energy. Lorena greeted me as if we had been friends for years. She welcomed me with a warm hug and tour of her studio. Along with the tour she shared her journey and passion to provide a space in the Tampa Community for people to explore and experience yoga. I was super excited to begin class and Lorena asked if I brought a mat. Ohhhhh my gosh I forgot my mat!!! Not to worry…yoga mats and props are available for those who forget to bring their own.

 I secured my spot and watched as every student came in with a smile and spoke to one another. “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “Welcome Back”. This was so wonderful to witness as often times when students come into a yoga class the room is silent and no one speaks. Lorena then begins the class with a question to every student. “What can I do for you today?” This simple question allows each student the opportunity to share what it is they need out of their practice today. Class was very powerful with verbal cues and hands on correction of form. Savasana was super relaxing as she incorporated the scent of Sandlewood and a slight press on the shoulders with the palm of her hands to seal an amazing yoga practice. Prior to introducing the essential oil Lorena asked permission of each student in the event of allergies. After class I had the opportunity to chat with another yoga teacher who leads a class at the studio and I will definitely be back to attend that class as well! 

This is a beautiful space for students ready to begin their yoga practice or for those students who have been practicing for years. Lorena has provide our community with a beautiful gift. Please stop in and enjoy a class, workshops or event. Reach out to me and let me know when your going and I just might join you. Don't forget to checkout the super cute crystal necklaces available for purchase.

Photos Credits: NTP2