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Sometimes it's hard to make time for yoga. We put in our minds that we need to dedicate at least an hour doing yoga to call it a practice. If we simply use the time we have, be it a one minute, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or an hours, the body and mind will appreciate and adjust to the time spent. No mat needed, no fancy yoga clothes or yoga space. Right where you are is the perfect place and time. Try it!

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Mini Interview with Erin Motz Co-Founder of Bad Yogi

So, I recently had this crazy idea to reached out to the Co-Founder of Bad Yogi, Erin Motz. That right! Ms. Bad Yogi herself and asked her one simple question that I wanted to feature on my yoga blog. What do you typically do before and after filming your awesome Bad Yogi yoga classes? When this question came to me I didn't think that she would respond to me so quickly. Yes, I’m a Bad Yogi Ambassador and Yes, I’ve written an article on the Bad Yogi blog but Erin is one very busy and also funny person….seriously, check out to some of the bloopers she includes onside of her videos..HILARIOUS. Anyway, So why would she reply so quickly or even at all to my question? In my opinion, it’s because she cares about the Bad Yogi community and because she’s just that damn AWESOME. So, what was her response…? Well, just keep on reading…

Hey Cheryl!

My preparation is super unromantic! I don’t listen to any music or anything...I usually plan my classes the day before so they’re fresh in my mind the next day. I’ll wake up on film days and review my notes, running through each class a few times in my PJs :) While Adrien sets up the lighting and cameras, I get “camera ready” and read through the classes a few more times. Then it’s go time! I film every class in one take, so it’s usually a one-and-done process unless something weird happens with the sound. Then our amazing editor goes through them to make them worthy of the BY Community with intros and outros, and out into the universe it goes!
— Erin Motz

Now for some reason I thought Erin had some process that she goes through before and after shooting that she always has to do in order to prepare herself. Like saying the same mantra over and over or making sure a glass of wine is waiting off camera read for her hand to take hold of in celebration of a completed day of filming. Nope, that wasn't it at all. Erin simply works with her team to make sure that the classes she provides weather on her website or on YouTube are “worthy of the BY Community”. 

Erin you and your Bad Yogi Team are amazing and I want to THANK YOU for taking part in my blog post. To all of the yogis out there, make sure to check out the Bad Yogi website and join the I am Yoga Challenge which start January 2, 2017 .

Yoga on a Budget

Yoga is becoming more and more popular. You can pretty much find a yoga class anywhere. You have yoga in the park, yoga with your pet, yoga & wine, yoga in an art museum, yoga in the pool…I can go on and on but I think you get my point. It’s great to have these options as you can discover which yoga class is right for you. With this new found discovery that yoga is everywhere, a new yogi will get super excited and want to try every yoga class that pops up. I know because the was me. You have to be a bit cautious new yogi, as yoga classes can be a little expensive. So here are a few ways you can explore yoga on a budget and save some cash.

Online Yoga. That's right my friends, you will find an abundance of FREE yoga classes on line. These classes can rang from 15mins - 1hour classes for zero $$. The online practice allows you to connect with different yoga instructors and styles in the comfort of your home or anywhere you can a WIFI connection. You're pretty much taking your yoga practice where ever you go. This is also a great way to get a few friends together and just practice some yoga. Just be a little caution here as a yoga teacher will not physically be in the room with you, ready to guide you into the correct form. Some yoga poses, if not done correctly can lead to some serious discomfort or injury. So, listen to your body.

This Yoga Class Is On Us! This offer is truly a gift my friends.  A yoga home practice can get a little lonely and you long to be among your fellow yogis. I can’t tell you how many yoga classes I’ve attended at some of the most beautiful yoga studios where the vibe is so amazing and the cost to me was absolutely zero. Studios will invite you to see what they have to offer and enjoy a yoga class on the house. If you decide to come back to the studio to continue your practice thats great! You've found your yoga home. Now don't get me wrong. The owners of these yoga studios are running a business so you will get asked to join the studio as a member or purchase additional calls passes. If the price doesn't work for you then just kindly explain and chalk it up as an experience. Maybe sometime in the future you might be able to budget in the membership and you'll know exactly where to go. If your enjoyed your experience, consider showing some yoga love to the yoga studio by giving them a positive review and even suggest the studio to someone else. 

Yoga Events. Withinyour community you may have the opportunity to enjoy a yoga event. I attended a really cool event earlier this year called Awakening Into the Sun. This event was totally free and gave me the option to enjoy a nice outdoor yoga & mediations session. Another event worth attending is Wanderlust. This event though not free offered Yoga, Meditation and a 5k run. It’s like a Triathlon for yogis!!! You experience 3 events for for the price of one. Yoga events often have various local business attending as well. These business often times give out free or discounted products and give you the opportunity to see what your community has to offer for health and wellness. This is like trick-or-treating for yogis!

Gym Membership. This is like a one stop shop option for your fitness needs. Most Fitness Clubs offer yoga at no additional cost. If you're enjoying Zumba, Spinning, RIPPED or any other fitness class at your gym, try checking out the schedule to find out if a yoga class is offered as well. No sense in paying a gym membership and then a separate membership for yoga. If your current Fitness Club is not offering a yoga class, find out why! Let the Management Team know that there’s a BIG whole in the current schedule which can only be fill with a yoga class. 

Work for your yoga class. If you’re able to spend a little time helping to clean up the studio (and that includes the bathroom too) this may be an option for you to get in some free yoga classes. Doing a few jobs around the studio can be extremely helpful to the owner and a big opportunity for you to find a home for your yoga mat. emptying the trash, answering the phone, do some filing, clean the windows and helping to promote the studio all adds up to a free or discount price for you!

Donation Based Yoga Classes. Check out your community calendar and I’m sure you’ll find at least 5 donation based yoga class. Yoga studios may offer weekly or monthly yoga classes indoors or outdoors at no set cost. Other donation based classes are offered by Non-Profit Organization to raise money for a particular cause. This is like that feel good yoga. You donate what you can, help support a wonderful cause and enjoy the class. Don't forget to bring a friend, the more the merrier. 

So there you have it. A few ways you can enjoy yoga on a budget.

Enjoy your practice

-Curious Yogi


10 Seconds of Yoga

"I really don't have time for yoga". I've said this myself a time or two but when I actually ask myself "Do I have time for yoga"? My answer is acutally yes! This is why I started

10 Seconds of Yoga. 

Picture this, you're standing at your bathroom sink brushing your teeth. You can use a little bit of that time for yoga by sliding the heel of your right foot just above your left ankle with your right knee facing toward the right side. Guess what,  you're now in tree pose and doing yoga. How about this, your waiting for your coffee to brew and you stand tall, heart lifted, feet placed firmly on your kitchen floor, soft bend in your knees, arms at your side, palms facing out, chin neutral focusing on your breath. Guess what, you're in mountain pose and doing yoga. Maybe you're at the doctors office chill'n in the waiting room. You look over to find a yoga magazine. You begin flipping the pages allowing your eyes to feed knowledge to your brain. I call that one, yoga for your mind. If we recognize the moments it's easy to find at least 10 seconds for yoga. From there you can begin to lengthen the time and build a daily yoga practice.

I don’t have time for yoga

The best part about 10 Seconds of Yoga is that you can incorporate different yoga activities into your daily life, like mindful breathing, meditating, setting an intention or flipping through a yoga magazine. The purpose is to get your mind and body to embrace yoga. From there, you'll begin to explore and build onto your practice. 

So, lets find your 10 seconds....


My New Yoga Space

New Yoga Space

New Yoga Space

Previous Outdoor Yoga Space

Previous Outdoor Yoga Space

I'm super lucky to have my new personal outdoor yoga space. I recently moved and it was a must to have an outdoor space that was a little bit bigger then what I had before. A space that would allow me to connect with nature and also enjoy my practice with my beautiful plants. The new space allows for additional room for a few friends to practice with me. I've also added to my outdoor studio a new item. A very tranquil water fountain! The fountain is positioned just to the right side of the space. A beautiful gift from a friend, this fountain also lights up! Night time yoga anyone? I love my new outdoor yoga space!

Having a home yoga practice starts with connecting with a  space in your home that will allow you to feel energized, inspired and happy to step onto your mat. Your space can be indoors or outdoors. Weather you practice for 10 minutes or 60 minutes, make time to enjoy your practice. 

Let the yoga shenanigan begin!

Flow Like An MC


Imagine yourself waking up in the morning from a kick ass good night sleep. No tossing or turning, your mind and body completely well rested. After going through your normal morning routine you decide to step onto your mat. You feel the excitement as you walk towards your mat. Feeling the energy of your yoga mat pulling at you. Your mind is at ease and your body refreshed Yogi. As you step on your mat you settle in. You become aware of your surrounding as you move your body around slowly. Then, without hesitation you begin your flow. Just like an MC walking up to the mic and bust’n out rhymes no one has heard of and energizing the crowd. Flowing in, transitioning to and flowing out of each pose like poetry your body excepts each movement. Each pose building on to the next to create a powerful and inspiring flow. 


Your mind, body and spirit working together to create a beautiful flow that you’ve never experienced. Each movement of your flow representing it’s own meaning and reference to your life. The struggles, the success the and the uncertainties of life. The flow is honest. This flow is emotional. This flow is personal. At the end, your body drops down into Savasana like an MC drops the mic as if there’s nothing more to say. Allowing your body to sit still and appreciate what just happened. Can your yoga flow be that honest? Can you allow your body to naturally flow without hesitation? Allowing your body to accept what feels good. Can you flow like an MC?  This could be the flow that sparks inspiration, love and gratitude to your life.

Fast or slow, enjoy your flow.