Yoga Love Project

One of the most amazing benefits I’ve received as I travel to different yoga studios is the gift of connecting with other yogis. I’m often asked why do I share my visits and promote the yoga studios. What do I receive in return? I’ve actually received a lot! Experiencing different yoga classes, connecting and learning from other Yoga Teachers and students (yes, you can learn for the students too), receiving invitations to special events and building beautiful friendships. Yoga is about more than the asana or postures it’s a lifestyle of emotions, wellness and clarity. It’s an individual practice that anyone can begin. Most often those who are new to yoga may not know where or how to start. 

So, back to the question. Why do I share my visits? I share my visits to promote the heck out of yoga! I want everyone to feel comfortable walking into a studio for the first time knowing that they will be welcomed with a smile, greeting with a hello and gifted a space to unroll their mat and enjoy a beautiful practice. A practice where you are the focus. Don't get me wrong, when you start practicing yoga it may not seem as easy as you thought but you should feel as if you belong. The first time I had to sit on my butt for several minutes in complete silence, eyes closed just listening to my breath I thought, “Oh my goodness, what the heck”! Sitting still was not easy for me nor was keeping my eyes closed. I was use to fast pace aerobics classes where the only time you stopped was when class was over…LOL. 

I’ve truly enjoyed this opportunity of stepping into different yoga studios and connecting with such beautiful teachers and student. I’ve convinced a few friends to join me on some of these visits (Thank you Chris Wiegner) and I’ve also collected some beautiful yoga inspired jewelry. The YogaLove Project is about helping people find yoga in their community and exploring the practice. It’s about sharing yoga books, musics, mantras, events/workshops and I seriously can go on and on. This began with my own curiosity which has turned into a beautify journey. 

Curiosity is a blessing ;-)