As Your Journey Begins

So you've seen all these awesome posts about how fun yoga can be, how healthy it is for your mind, body & spirit and how nature will become you best friend. Well before you dive into your new found adventure I'd like you to keep three things in mind as you begin.

Yoga is a life long journey.

If you're going to start it don't set a deadline for your self to perfect it. As you appreciate all the yoga post that lead you here, know that it takes time to learn how to get into and out of the asanas (poses) safely.

“a weak foundation yields a crumbling structure
— Cheryl Kricket

Explore the different styles of yoga.

Wait you thought is was just yoga? There are several different yoga practices and it may take you some time to figure out what style you feel most connected to. Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa Yoga. This list goes on but this is actually the best part of beginning your yoga journey. Walking down the different paths of enlightening experiences, learning a new approach and meeting new people along the way. Simply allow yourself to be a sponge to learn and enjoy.

Allow yourself to always be a student.

Even those who have practice yoga for years still find the joy of being a student. Discovering a path they had not explored. Weather that path leads to a new book on the practice of yoga, an alternate way of meditating or some kick ass yoga pants that gets you fiercely excited about building your own yoga flow. Embrace being a student!