Mini Interview with Erin Motz Co-Founder of Bad Yogi

So, I recently had this crazy idea to reached out to the Co-Founder of Bad Yogi, Erin Motz. That right! Ms. Bad Yogi herself and asked her one simple question that I wanted to feature on my yoga blog. What do you typically do before and after filming your awesome Bad Yogi yoga classes? When this question came to me I didn't think that she would respond to me so quickly. Yes, I’m a Bad Yogi Ambassador and Yes, I’ve written an article on the Bad Yogi blog but Erin is one very busy and also funny person….seriously, check out to some of the bloopers she includes onside of her videos..HILARIOUS. Anyway, So why would she reply so quickly or even at all to my question? In my opinion, it’s because she cares about the Bad Yogi community and because she’s just that damn AWESOME. So, what was her response…? Well, just keep on reading…

Hey Cheryl!

My preparation is super unromantic! I don’t listen to any music or anything...I usually plan my classes the day before so they’re fresh in my mind the next day. I’ll wake up on film days and review my notes, running through each class a few times in my PJs :) While Adrien sets up the lighting and cameras, I get “camera ready” and read through the classes a few more times. Then it’s go time! I film every class in one take, so it’s usually a one-and-done process unless something weird happens with the sound. Then our amazing editor goes through them to make them worthy of the BY Community with intros and outros, and out into the universe it goes!
— Erin Motz

Now for some reason I thought Erin had some process that she goes through before and after shooting that she always has to do in order to prepare herself. Like saying the same mantra over and over or making sure a glass of wine is waiting off camera read for her hand to take hold of in celebration of a completed day of filming. Nope, that wasn't it at all. Erin simply works with her team to make sure that the classes she provides weather on her website or on YouTube are “worthy of the BY Community”. 

Erin you and your Bad Yogi Team are amazing and I want to THANK YOU for taking part in my blog post. To all of the yogis out there, make sure to check out the Bad Yogi website and join the I am Yoga Challenge which start January 2, 2017 .