"I Am Me"


I Am Me

"The freckles on my face is the affirmation of my true beauty".

Acceptance of ones self is a pretty important quality to have in order to move forward in life, confident that you deserve and are entitled to all of the happiness the universe sends your way. I recent wrote an article that describes who I am, the things that bring me joy and the beautiful traits that I have that make me unique. Weather I'm accepted in certain social circles or not, my way of being is for me an no one else. The physical features that I have such as my freckles, may be looked at as flaws to some folks. For me, my freckles are what makes me stand out, makes me uniquely beautiful and confident. Don't get me wrong, there were times when I didn't like my freckles because of the comments and looks I would get. As I've grown, I've learned that the most important thing is that I appreciate and love myself. 

My "I Am Me" article hit the Bad Yogi Magazine recently and you can check it out here. Please leave me a comment at the end of the article and tell me a little bit about yourself. What makes you unique? What makes you happy? What do you find most beautiful about yourself? We need to stop worrying about what others think of us and simply tap into our own confidence and know that we are stunning and should desire to be no one else other than ourselves. Shine bright my friends! #IAmME

The freckles on my face is an affirmation of my true beauty
— Cheryl Kricket