Flow Like An MC


Imagine yourself waking up in the morning from a kick ass good night sleep. No tossing or turning, your mind and body completely well rested. After going through your normal morning routine you decide to step onto your mat. You feel the excitement as you walk towards your mat. Feeling the energy of your yoga mat pulling at you. Your mind is at ease and your body refreshed Yogi. As you step on your mat you settle in. You become aware of your surrounding as you move your body around slowly. Then, without hesitation you begin your flow. Just like an MC walking up to the mic and bust’n out rhymes no one has heard of and energizing the crowd. Flowing in, transitioning to and flowing out of each pose like poetry your body excepts each movement. Each pose building on to the next to create a powerful and inspiring flow. 


Your mind, body and spirit working together to create a beautiful flow that you’ve never experienced. Each movement of your flow representing it’s own meaning and reference to your life. The struggles, the success the and the uncertainties of life. The flow is honest. This flow is emotional. This flow is personal. At the end, your body drops down into Savasana like an MC drops the mic as if there’s nothing more to say. Allowing your body to sit still and appreciate what just happened. Can your yoga flow be that honest? Can you allow your body to naturally flow without hesitation? Allowing your body to accept what feels good. Can you flow like an MC?  This could be the flow that sparks inspiration, love and gratitude to your life.

Fast or slow, enjoy your flow.