The Dreamer



Often times I find myself daydreaming of beautiful places to enjoy my yoga practice. My daydreams are pretty detailed. Once a vision came to my mind and I found myself mediating at the base of a mountain surrounded by a towering waterfall. I was sitting on a stone that I convinced myself was over 100 years old. There were trees around me and a blue sky above me. Even though the sky was blue there was a bit of an overcast letting me know that rain was soon coming.

My eyes were closed as I sat on the smooth rock in Sukhasana, lets just say criss cross applesauce, the sound of the water helped me to fully enjoy the moment. Surrounded by nature and the beautiful sounds I sat in stillness. When I snapped out of this surreal daydream I thought "Wow, I need to find this place"! I really didn't want to spend the cash to go off and find this tranquil piece of land with a big waterfall, trees, old rock and blue sky with an overcast. So instead, I made my own beautiful outdoor meditation space at my home. 

First I set up a nice comfortable spot on my outdoor patio. I laid out one blanket and folded it a couple of times. When I sat on it, the ground felt smooth just like the 100 year old rock. Then I turned on a water fountain that a friend gave me which reminded me of the waterfall (oh how I appreciate this gift) . Next, I kicked on Spotify and listened to the Nature Sounds playlist.

Just like that, without emptying my pockets or driving around town, I found the place that was in my daydream.  That my friends is how you make your dreams come true!

Daydreaming is just an introduction of what’s to come
— Cheryl Kricket