5 Podcasts That Will Inspire You

Hey there beautiful souls, I’ve been listening podcasts for a little over a year now I must say, this audio play when you want conversation of inspiration and knowledge has brought new life to my day. Most often I’m listening to my favorite Podcast while doing activities around the house, when I’m on the drive to work or when I’m out for a run. 

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The conversations during these episodes are mindfully engaging and inspiring. I say this because though you can’t respond real time to the host, your mind will start to tap into the topic. You begin to invest into the episode by relating it to something you’ve experienced or begin using some of the knowledge that has been shared, during your daily life. Here are 5 Podcast that I listen to and I hope will inspire you.  

Shades of the Soul Meditation Series-Hosted by Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is a global yoga and meditation teacher. Through her podcast, Faith will guide you through a short meditation practice that will soothe you, calm you and allowing you to acknowledge what you’re felling. These sessions will help you to release and shed what your body & mind doesn’t need and nature what the body and mind does need. At the end of each practice Faith invites you to spend a little time journaling your thoughts. If you’re new to mediation or simply looking for a refreshing way to build your practice, I invite you to give this a try.

The Goal Digger Podcast-Hosted by Jenna Kutcher

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few months now and I gotta say, the title really drew me in. Jenna Kutcher has created this podcast with one thing in mind. Helping people build their dream job. She covers so many important topics in her podcast. Topics like how to write an elevator pitch and how to celebrate success. Jenna has just dropped episode 193 10 Tips to Create Hype Around a Launch! Most of the episodes are under an hour and she often brings in special guest for a more diverse conversation. Oh, and if you’ve been thinking about how to up your Pinterest game, Jenna has an episode on that too! I invite you to give this podcast a listen to.

The Mindful Kind-Hosted by Rachael Kable

Do you ever feel like your not living in the moment? Rachael Kable has helped so many of her listeners become more present and connected within their day to day lives. As an added bonus Rachael also provides tips on how to relieve stress. If you’re stressed, it’s difficult to be present in the moment. With a little….or maybe a lot of help from the Mindful Kind podcast you can begin to practice the exercises provided by Rachael and build your foundation of a well balanced life, relieve stress and become happier. From meditation to finding the power of gratitude this podcast just might be your weekly go to. Each episode is under 15 minutes. Which is perfect to listen to before starting your day. I invite you to mindfully find a quiet space to sit and enjoy this wonderful podcast.  

The Lavendaire Lifestyle-Hosted by Aileen Xu

Aileen Xu is the master mind behind The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast. Through her podcast Aileen brings to her listeners topics on personal growth and lifestyle design. Each episode is released every Sunday and generally last about 30 mins. The amount of information that’s discussed in this podcast will definitely get you on the path of creating your dream life. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and I’m sure you will as too. Aileen’s tag phase is, Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece. I know that just got you curious and ready to listen to this podcast. I invite you to listen in and get inspired.

Black Girl In Om-Hosted by-Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory

I found this podcast rather recently and really enjoy the laid-back, super chill conversation that Lauren and Deun have with each other and with their guests. As I’m listening to this podcast I feel like I’m right there in the same room with them and I’m nodding my head in agreement or vocally commenting as if they can hear me. No lie, this is true. Listen and experience this yourself. This podcast is all about wellness, self-love, self-care, holistic lifestyles and an abundance of positive healthy topics for women of color. Black Girl In Om is in it’s 2nd season and I hope will continue to bring to their listeners inspiring conversation with their guest speakers. I invite you to Om your way to this podcast.

So, what Podcasts are you listening to? 

Will you accept my invitation and listen to any of the podcasts I just spoke about? Comment below and lets me know what you think. Also share with me your favorite podcasts. I’d love to check em out. See you next time.

Cheryl Kricket Richardsone