10 Silly Things To Look Forward To As A Yoga Student.

There's nothing better than being a yoga student! Here are a few silly things you could happen as you begin your journey.

1. You'll become a tea hoarder
2. You'll begin to realize that nature exists
3. Sanskrit becomes your new favorite language
4. Your yoga pants cost more than your cell phone bill
5. Posting yoga selfies on Instagram ever 10 minutes will take up most of your day
6. You"ll start using #yogaeverydamnday after ever selfie post
7. Getting tagged to random photos of animals in yoga poses
8. Once you reach handstand status you'll be considered a guru. 
9. Your friends will ask you to teach them how to do a handstand                                                                                            10. You'll find humor in listening to people misuse the word "Namaste" .

I was going to join you for yoga class this morning but then I thought, Nama’ste my ass at home
— Fluffy Friends Word of the Day

Enjoy being a student even if you're a teacher. Your yoga journey will be much more rewarding.