10 Seconds of Yoga

"I really don't have time for yoga". I've said this myself a time or two but when I actually ask myself "Do I have time for yoga"? My answer is acutally yes! This is why I started

10 Seconds of Yoga. 

Picture this, you're standing at your bathroom sink brushing your teeth. You can use a little bit of that time for yoga by sliding the heel of your right foot just above your left ankle with your right knee facing toward the right side. Guess what,  you're now in tree pose and doing yoga. How about this, your waiting for your coffee to brew and you stand tall, heart lifted, feet placed firmly on your kitchen floor, soft bend in your knees, arms at your side, palms facing out, chin neutral focusing on your breath. Guess what, you're in mountain pose and doing yoga. Maybe you're at the doctors office chill'n in the waiting room. You look over to find a yoga magazine. You begin flipping the pages allowing your eyes to feed knowledge to your brain. I call that one, yoga for your mind. If we recognize the moments it's easy to find at least 10 seconds for yoga. From there you can begin to lengthen the time and build a daily yoga practice.

I don’t have time for yoga

The best part about 10 Seconds of Yoga is that you can incorporate different yoga activities into your daily life, like mindful breathing, meditating, setting an intention or flipping through a yoga magazine. The purpose is to get your mind and body to embrace yoga. From there, you'll begin to explore and build onto your practice. 

So, lets find your 10 seconds....