About Me

Hi, I’m Cheryl Kricket and I found yoga as way to recover from lower back issues. After many years of visiting a Chiropractor for adjustments I wanted to find a different way to heal my body. I started searching online for free yoga classes which I quickly discovered there are various yoga styles one can practice. That’s when my curiosity began. Yoga can be practice indoors among the walls of a studio, outdoors surrounded by nature or in the comfort of your own private space. 

The practice of yoga doesn't stop there. You also have what I call “Brain Yoga”. This is when you step off the mat and connect with tons of books that are available to explore the tradition, anatomy and benefits of yoga. Also books the take you on a journey of self reflection and motivation.  Let me tell you, I’ve be doing a lot of “Brain Yoga” lately. You will soon discover that yoga is not just about handstands and savanna. I'm a Certified Yoga Teacher from Pose by Pose Yoga Studio located in Lutz, Florida. I've published articles featured on Doyouyoga.com and I"m also an active contributor for the Bad Yogi Magazine. Yes, I'm also the fonder of luminary108. Which is a project that I began to help people find yoga that's inspired by their own personal life.

On a personal note, currently my three loves are running, knitting, and painting. I just get the most amazing vibe when I'm exploring these little hobbies. 

Cheryl Kricket Richardson RYT 500 Yoga Teacher & NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Contact at: kricketlee1@gmail.com

P.O.Box 7325 Wesley Chapel FL 33545